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About The Dog Cabin!

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Welcome to The Dog Cabin! A professional, friendly and stress-free service for you and your dog.

Absolutely no mess or stress in your home, as we groom from a beautiful cabin salon, in a peaceful, quiet garden.


This is also a one to one service, so if your dog is prone to anxiety (or just loves cuddles and attention all to themselves!) this service is perfect for you. 


Your dog's well-being and happiness is our number one concern, therefore if your dog is matted, we may need to shave out any knots with a short blade, or shave your dog down, as this will be the best, most comfortable option for them.

We cannot, and will not, put them through unnecessary stress of trying to brush them all out - as stated in the Animal Cruelty Act that all groomers abide to.


However, we will talk you through all this face to face should it come to it. 

Without any knots, we will cater to your preferences, you just tell me how you want your furry friend to strut out of the parlor looking! 


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Hi! My name's Beth - owner of The Dog Cabin. 

I have been grooming for 10 years now, and it's the best job in the whole world. I absolutely love being with your beautiful dogs all day every day, and making them feel their best! 

Meet the Owner

Photo from our one year anniversary!



Prices do vary depending on breed, coat condition and the time taken to complete the full groom. 

Feel free to contact us and we will give you the most accurate quote we possibly can over the phone, but once we see and have assessed your dog, we can give you a much clearer price. 



If your dog does not take well to grooming in the past, it is essential you disclose this information to us as soon as we take your call, as this may affect areas of the grooming.

We do carry muzzles, and if your dog tries to bite, we do reserve the right to use them, however we always try not to. 


If your dog becomes uncontrollable, we may have to send him or her back to you, for the safety of both myself and your dog.

We will never continue to put your dog in such a situation if it becomes apparent they are stressed. Their health is of the utmost importance to us.



We do have a 12 hour cancellation policy, unless it is a genuine emergency, stating that if you cancel your appointment in under 12 hours or simply forget, a cancellation charge will be applied.

This is simply because we are a small business, and it will come as a loss of income to us, whereas if you tell us in plenty of time (where possible) we can be pampering another doggy.



You absolutely must brush your dog at home - especially for long/wooly coated breeds such as cockerpoos, labradoodles, poodles etc.


This is essential to our groom, so we can get the finish you want, rather than having to do a comfort trim for matted dogs, taking the coat short.

If you would like advice on brushes for your breed, do not hesitate to call or email us, we will be more than happy to help! 

Regular at home brushing makes the grooming experience so much more enjoyable for your pooch, and helps to desensitize nervous dogs to the brushing process.

Thankyou so much for helping to make grooming as enjoyable as possible!

Our Team
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